About Us

Our “Secret”

Secretsouq.com is owned and operated by Serendib Company (Australia) Ltd. ACN 622 361 979, we are an Australian owned family business, our products are stored and shipped from within Australia, our dream is to build and support a trading platform that gives an opportunity for low income farmers, producers and small manufacturers around the globe to sell their products in the first world market.

The products that we source for Secretsouq.com come from hard working individuals in developing countries. The income earned from the products supplied to us go back to uplift the standard of living for those individuals, their families and extended families.

Our Values

Fair Go in Life

By buying our products you are simply creating an opportunity for someone and giving them a fair go in life, an opportunity seed to improve their life standard.

Quality Assured

The ingredients and our product range have stringent global certification. This provides a guarantee on the quality and a level of consistency when the product reaches the end consumer.


We ensure that the products that we sell contain ZERO toxic additives, handled in the most hygiene manner through the production process and ideally packed to give our consumers the purest culinary experience.

Our “Secret Motivation” ?

Did you know ?
The level of toxic chemical, pesticides and GM agents used in food ingredients worldwide is growing significantly year on year, new super bugs and viruses are being discovered today that are resistant to traditional antibiotics and medication. The combination of all these elements pollute our bodies and alter the core DNA around us.

And why do we care ?
We found ourselves asking the the same questions whenever we went to buy groceries and supplies

“What is this ?”
“What's in that ?”
“Google - see what that does to our body and health?”
“Where is this coming from ?”
“Have you seen - how these items are bottled and packed?”
“Do you know that container should not store that product ?”
“What quality standards do they adhere to ?”
“Are the containers cleaned before packing?”

The “Secret Path”

These questions motivated us to seek a path to basics, when things were pure, clean and fair traded.

A world where everyone wins from the producer to the consumer.

We realised that If we are thinking this way, there will be many more like us and it's our intention to bridge that gap.

The “Secret Guideline”

To list on Secretsouq.com our suppliers need to meet the following guidelines - Click here

Finally, we ask for you to pass our message to everyone so it's no “Longer a Secret”